The Fairy Bear


Well then. Here’s the story of Hereward and the Fairy Bear. Basically, before becoming a hero in the Fens, Hereward the Wake lived at his godfather’s castle for a while, in order to learn how to be a knight. (Also because they’d kicked him out from home because he was a massive douche, beating up monks and the like.) Said castle contained a, lots of Normans, and b, the Fairy Bear, who everyone’s afraid to kill because it’s a bloody huge bear and also because they think  the bear might be related to Earl Siward, the lord of the land, because he has a bear as his coat of arms. Which is a sensible theory from the past, I guess.

So anyhow, one day, the bear escapes from its cage, and all the Normans go and hide in the castle. Except, cowardly fellows that they are, they leave behind a little girl. Hereward, having been out riding, comes back just as this is going on, and kills the bear by the sheer power of his manliness. Then, Hereward and the girl tell the Normans it’s safe to come out, and after much deliberation they open the door. But! Hereward, a hilarious dude, has placed the bear carcass in the front of the door, so the Normans are absolutely so scared by it they slam the door shut again. Repeat ad nauseam, or until Hereward gets bored.

And that’s the tale of the Fair Bear.

For a longer comic, see here:

(This was originally published 9/10/2012, redrawn 10/2017. Trust me, it’s much better for it.).


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