(4/5) Cool dude from athanasius at
“Hates everything I hate, Donatist and Arian dickheads. ❤ “2

(2/5) Bit gay from manwithknives at
“Good commander but too much vice.”3

(1/5) Coward from gaeso at
“Hides in temples and left a terrible mess all over my good cloak.”4

1)      Flavius Iulius Constans Augustus, the youngest son of Constantine I reigned from 337 to 350 AD. After Constantine’s death, his sons killed everyone else who might have a claim to the throne, and divided the Empire amongst themselves. Constantine II was given the western provinces, Constans Italy and Africa, and Constantius II the East. In 340, he defeated and killed his brother Constantinius II when the latter invaded Italy, taking the rule of the West.

2)      Constans took the side of Athanasius of Alexandria and Paul of Constantinople against the Arian heresy (while his brother Constantius supported the Arians), as well as banishing the Donatists from Africa.

3)      In his old age, Constans appears to have become seen as too tyrannical and vice-tastic giving too much influence to his favourites. This, together with a general discontent towards Constantine by the army, caused the rebellion led by Magnentius, the head of Constans’s army.

4)      Constans was killed in 350 AD by Gaeso, one of Magnentius’s generals. He’d sought sanctuary on holy ground, but Gaeso’s men dragged him out of the church, and Gaeso either killed him or forced him to commit suicide.

See also:
Eutropius 10.9


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