Most important fox business.


Most important fox business.


“She didn’t eat for days, that’s how excited she was to see you.” (Click to embiggen.)

Loki somehow loses Thor’s hammer to the giants. Thor isn’t best pleased, makes a fuss. Loki goes to inquire what’ll get the hammer back of the giants, giants say only Freya’s hand in marriage will do. Freya isn’t best pleased. Loki borrows her cloak, turns into a bird and flies to the land of the giant with Thor, the latter pretending to be Freya. The king of the giants is highly suspicious of his new bride’s massive appetite and enormous strength, but believes the excuses Loki makes for her. Thor eventually gets his hands on the hammer, smashes in the giant’s head. Everyone lives happily ever after.

See also here.

Trying something new with words and pictures. Not sure if I like it, probably not.


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