“You’ll not give me my crown, fine. I’ll go and have fun instead. No more of this Christianity. See how I’m not bothered. I shot 246 rabbits already. I’ll cover my walls in rabbit. Fur every where. Might go and shoot some clergy instead.”

I’ll be lazy, and just quote Wikipedia at you: “Harold reportedly sought coronation as early as 1035. According to the Encomium Emmae Reginae, though, Æthelnoth. Archbishop of Canterbury refused to crown Harold Harefoot. (…) Æthelnoth reportedly placed the sceptre and crown on the altar of a temple, possibly that of the Canterbury Cathedral. Offering to consecrate Harold without using any of the royal regalia would have been an empty honor. He refused to remove the items from the altar and forbade any other bishop from doing so. The tale goes on that Harold failed to sway Æthelnoth, since both bribes and threats proved ineffectual. The despairing Harold reportedly rejected Christianity in protest. He refused to attend church services while uncrowned, preoccupying himself with hunting and trivial matters.


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