Ghost can’t have toast.


mon16toastHow disappointing.


8 thoughts on “Ghost can’t have toast.

      1. mine just wants what the monkey is eating on principle. he likes to excercise his power by making the monkey give him whatever it is and then turning his nose up at it. he will eat curry though

        1. I’ve looked after my friend’s cat a couple of times, and he’s been very jealous of food I’ve been cooking – it’s risotto, cat, you won’t like it. Silly creatures.

          1. sometimes its quite surprising what cats like. I had a very naughty cat called truffles who would eat enything curried, even if it was meatless – we concluded that he must like garam masala, and also loved crisps. I had another cat who loved pears, and one who liked wholemela bread. they are very odd creatures

            1. My cats liked crisps as well – always reckoned it was the crunching noise that formed part of the attraction.
              I’m highly amused by the idea of a cat eating pears.

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