Wherein lots of words start with A

tyreAs usual, click to embiggen.

Trying some new things with colouring – seems well hard.

The Council of Tyre! (as told by the Ecclesiastical History, which was pretty pro-Athanasius; your mileage may vary.)

Pretty much, Athanasius, patriarch of Alexandria, never entirely popular with everyone, was accused of firstly sleeping with some woman who happened to be living in the same house as him. When that didn’t work, his enemies produced a shrivelled hand (that they presumably had kept in a cupboard somewhere, especially for the occasion?) and said that Athanasius had murdered the bishop Arsenius, and preformed dark magic rituals while he was at it. Athanasius, however, knew that this was going on, and produced actual alive Arsenius (with both hands intact), making sarcastic remarks about how he couldn’t possibly have three hands, cause that went against the laws of god and nature.

At which point, his enemies where so enraged that they intended to murder him on the spot. Fortunately, Athanasius could escape and tell Constantine all about it. Meanwhile, the bishops in Mareotis (named for Lake Maria, near Alexandria), wrote out more accusations against Athanasius, and mailed them off to the Emperor.

Theodoret’s Ecclesiastical History I.28 (here)

Long story short, Athanasius ends up in exile until after threatening to cut off the grain supply from Alexandria to the rest of the Empire, and stays there until after Constantine dies, a couple of years later. He continued to be in and out of Alexandria throughout his life, writing angrily against the Arians.


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