The end of the year is drawing nearer, so time for contemplation, and a lot of lard. If that’s your thing.

But, anyway, here are this year’s most popular posts:

(If, you know, that sort of thing interests you. I find statistics super exciting, leave me alone.)

1) – embroidery, woo.

2) – Some easy to follow instructions about glove wearership

3) –  A bit of a redraw…

4) – Bizarre entertainments of the past.

5) – A story about chickens and dragons.

6) – Another redraw!

7) – A little something about Athanesius — I think one of the things I was proudest of drawing this year.

8) – A flapper

9) – A really bad joke about knitting

10) – A baby dragon.

Also, this sites most popular search terms: foxes and tea, St Jerome and John Hotten. I think I managed to hit two extremes… 😉

Thanks for playing / looking at things! You’re totally appreciated.


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