2014: Reflection.

The ten most popular posts that I made this year were:

1) a delightful musing on Suet. Aug. 82, and some messing about with gifs.

2)  childhood dreams. I’m always wanting to make a drawn dream diary (and not just cause that alliterates beautifully), but somehow I never manage to do it.

3) Time to Ride a Lion into Battle: just a redraw of a thing about St Jerome I drew ages ago.

4) That time when I met a really small dog, and it was super fluffy. Like, so fluffy. I’m still not over it.

5) A story about a dog causing trouble at an archaeological site.

6) Valentine’s cards. I’m still waiting for Hallmark to call. Any day now, any day.

7) Another diary comic, this time about trying to tidy with my boyfriend, who, spoiler alert, fell asleep at least twice during the process.

8) A comic about what cats get up to at night.

9) Medieval Spain was a pretty odd place.

10) A dog. I’ve been a bit obsessed with dogs this year, largely because the universe chose to drop many into my lap: first two fellows who wandered into our garden, then looking after a doglet for a couple of weeks, and finally the ever lovely Rani (who, fittingly enough, was the inspiration for this comic.

On the whole, I’ve been a drawing a lot more full page comics this year, rather than just simple cartoons. I’ve been trying, with more or less success, to work on my backgrounds. (As in, doing them in the first place.)

I also (finally, finally) got my Masters degree (hooray!), got a job, lost it, and started driving lessons. Here’s hoping 2015 also brings some exciting news.


And that’s all for now! Happy new year, you guys! Thanks for reading my ridiculous rambles, and looking at my art!


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