Migraine Demon


Rising from the sea… she shouts like a deer. She roars like a bull. Artemis Ephesia asks: “Where are you going?” “Half of the head*,” says Antaura. “No. You will not,” says the goddess. The goddess orders Antaura into the head of a cow.

*”half of the head” = Greek hemikrania (ἡμικρανία), i.e. half a head, from which the modern word migraine derives.

For more information on Greek opinions on headaches and demons that cause them see: Luck, G. 2006. Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A collection of Ancient Texts. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, p. 281 Faraone, C.A. 2010. A Greek Magical Gemstone from the Black Sea: Amulet or Miniature Handbook? Kernos 23, 91-114 http://kernos.revues.org/1569


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