2016: Year in Review

2016This year’s most popular posts:

  1. Protest Pig (sends its love) : Protest pigs are always popular.
  2. De vita xii caesarum : An imperial clock, just for you.
  3. Yet Another Snake Cult : The story of Asclepius’s arrival in Rome.
  4. Illustration Friday: Rain : A mouse in rubber boots. Why not.
  5. Tiberius (would leave Capri for you) : Valentine’s day card
  6. Wisdom : Athena in owl form
  7. Ghost Cat : A comic about mummies, friendship and cats
  8. Bee Lord : Bears and hieroglyphs, what’s not to love.
  9. Hourly Comics Day : I’m really happy that made it into the Top Ten, because hourly comics day is legit one of my favourite days of the year. It’s also the day I dropped my phone in the loo, so that was kinda sad.
  10. Viking Cat : It’s gotta go fast.

I also got to design two shop logos, so that was rad. Other highlights of the year include going to Rome for the first time, falling into a hole during the Battle of Hastings, and doing a whole bunch of volunteering.

Here’s hoping that 2017 is a more pleasant year than 2016.


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