Badger Drawing

I’m having a fun time reading a three volume novel. (Currently on volume one, chapter one: the protagonist’s father has died, and she’s spent a lot of time reminiscing about some dude whose pastimes include hunting, dogs, and being unimpressed by women.) Anyway, I’ve learnt that

sometimes the parson of the parish is but a rude and coarse person, of vulgar birth, who will smoke tobacco with the farms – yea, even with the labourers – drink with them, and not be ashamed to be seen in beer-houses, tap-rooms and even at such unseemly diversions as bull-baiting, badger-drawing, and cock-fighting. It were to be wished that the Church were purged of all such. (W. Besant and J. Rice, 1881, The Chaplain of the Fleet, Vol. 1, p. 12)

I assumed badger-drawing was something to do with hunting (it is, and it is rude as heck!) Incidentally, in looking up badger drawing I also learnt that there is such a thing as badger tongs, designed for removing a badger from its sit. Also rude. I also imagined badger drawing to consist of the following, which, let’s be honest, seems like a far better alternative. Leave the idiot balls that are badgers alone. bd


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