Year in Review: 2017!

My most popular posts published in 2017 (plus two that didn’t get as much love as they could have):

1) Slayer of Wool : Fantasy cats and knitting! What’s not to love?

2) Byzantine Palpatine

3) Racoon Suffragette

4) Crickhollow Crafts Logo 

5) Beep Beep : Onto the Whale Road!

6) Some Good Socks : No pun is too stupid for me. (Also I was hella ill as I was drawing that, so the lines are super shaky. Ooops.)

7) Pug : A fancy coachman lad.

8) Heck yeah, idioms : Fun with the dictionary

9) Might worriers : Fantasy cats, again.

10) Hermit Dragon : Lives inside his shell.

11) Time to Feast

12) Lard Mouse

Includes: two birthday cards, one commission, some cat warriors and only one dog.


I’m wishing you all a happy and productive 2018, a year where you get to hold on to small joys and good friends, and where you’ll feel save and loved more often than not.


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